25 | 04 | 2018
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The Cuatrecasas' monograph on Espeletiinae is finally out!
Photo of Cuatrecasas' Book


63redThe goal of this website is to provide a comprehensive repository of information about all the species of frailejones sensu lato (subtribe Espeletiinae). Current knowledge is scanty and fragmented for most of the species within this group. This is an extremely important group for Colombia, Venezuela and – to a lesser extent – for Ecuador. 

This site contains a full checklist of the taxa, the most comprehensive photogallery, a digital identification key, maps, ecological data, references and more. In addition, the site provides information about past and active researchers of the group, current investigations, and useful links associated to the study of this group. In the near future the site will have a phylogeny of Espeletiinae based on my research.

Mauricio Diazgranados @ 2013. Postdoctoral researcher | Botany | NMNH | Smithsonian Institution 
Website: http://www.mauricio-diazgranados.com/ | Email: espeletias@gmail.com

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Photo Gallery of Espeletiinae

With 5000 pics, this is the World's largest collection of photographs of Espeletiinae (a.k.a. frailejones). Check it out HERE!