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Having a flat circular form; disk


A term used for outlines and plane shapes, with a length:breadth ratio 2.5:1 - 3:2, the widest part at about the middle, the apex and base are more or less pointed, technically "a plane figure such that the sum of the distances from any point on its circumference to two fixed points is a constant" (Rickett 1954a), see broadly, broad-transverse, narrowly, transverse, cf. obovate, oblong, ovate, rhombic, triangular, trullate.

Fibrous root system

A root system made up of many fine roots of the secondary root system ("adventitious" roots), cf. hair root, magnolioid root, nodule, tap root, and tuberous root.


Bearing tufts of soft hairs or wool which tend to rub off and adhere in small masses.


Small flowers, esp. of the spikelets of Poaceae and Cyperaceae and the capitula of Asteraceae.




Lens-shaped, ie. narrower at both ends than at the centre.


Without hairs. Although in many definitions reference to a smooth surface is also made, this produces a complex term of uncertain application.


Of tapetum, the cells remain intact until the maturation of the microspores or pollen, cf. amoeboid.


A general pollen shape descriptor, a grain with the equatorial axes all about the same length (the equatorial outline is usually more or less circular, sometimes triangular, lobed, etc. - see amb) and the polar axis is a prominent axis of rotation, cf. boat-shaped, see oblate, prolate, spherical, the main variants of globose pollen.


Any small compact cluster, adj. glomerulate.


Of habit, any vascular plant that never produces a woody stem, herbaceous, not woody, soft in texture, cf. forb, cf. also acaulescent, arborescent, dendroid, frutescent, fruticose, liane, rheophyte, schopfbaum, shrub, subshrub, suffrutescent, tree, vine, see also life forms.


Of indumentum, consisting of coarse, rough, relatively long hairs, cf. in particular hispid, villous, also arachnoid, arbuscular, canescent, lepidote, puberulous, pubescent, sericeous, stellate, strigose, tomentose, T-shaped, see also glabrescent and glabrate, which refer to stages in the loss of these hairs.


Pubescent with minute and somewhat rigid hairs.


A group of inflorescence bracts surrounding an inflorescence.

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