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The Cuatrecasas' monograph on Espeletiinae is finally out!
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Triangular, with the sides of about equal length, deltate.


Of margins, with symmetrical teeth pointing laterally, denticle, a small tooth, denticulate, cf. biserrate, crenate, entire, serrate, sinuate, undulate.


A cymose inflorescence with opposite branching below the flower which terminates each axis, each branch in turn terminating in a flower, etc., adj. dichasial, see fascicle, verticillaster, cf. monochasium, pleiochasium.


A plate or rim of tissue, whether or not lobed or interrupted, derived from the receptacle of a flower, occurring between whorls of floral parts, commonly found between the androecium and gynoecium or on top of the gynoecium when the ovary is inferior, and typically secreting nectar-shaped.


Having a flat circular form; disk

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Photo Gallery of Espeletiinae

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