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The Cuatrecasas' monograph on Espeletiinae is finally out!
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Of habit, any vascular plant that never produces a woody stem, herbaceous, not woody, soft in texture, cf. forb, cf. also acaulescent, arborescent, dendroid, frutescent, fruticose, liane, rheophyte, schopfbaum, shrub, subshrub, suffrutescent, tree, vine, see also life forms.


Of indumentum, consisting of coarse, rough, relatively long hairs, cf. in particular hispid, villous, also arachnoid, arbuscular, canescent, lepidote, puberulous, pubescent, sericeous, stellate, strigose, tomentose, T-shaped, see also glabrescent and glabrate, which refer to stages in the loss of these hairs.


Pubescent with minute and somewhat rigid hairs.

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Photo Gallery of Espeletiinae

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