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The Cuatrecasas' monograph on Espeletiinae is finally out!
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(Of flowering with respect to architecture), plant flowering and fruiting only once during its lifespan, e.g. Corypha, cf. hapaxanthic, pleonanthic, also iteroparous, plietesial, semelparous, cf. (of plant duration) annual, biennial, ephemeral, perennial.


Of a cymose inflorescence, with branches arising from only one of each pair or bracteoles/prophylls, or from the single bracteole/prophyll, adj. monochasial, see bicolor unit, drepanium, helicoid cyme, rhipidium, scorpioid cyme, cf. dichasium.


Of growth, with a persistent terminal growing point producing many lateral organs successively, thus a monopodial stem grows in this way, see also indeterminate, racemose (of inflorescences), cf. sympodial.


A sharp, abrupt terminal point, adj. mucronate.

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