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In a grass floret, the upper of the two "bracts" enclosing a flower, possibly a prophyll/bracteole, perhaps more likely representing two connate perianth members of the outer whorl, cf. glume (of a spikelet), lemma, lodicule.


Of an inflorescence, a compound raceme, an indeterminate inflorescence in which the flowers are borne on branches of the main axis or on further branches of these, adj. paniculate, indeterminate and much branched, cf. also botryoid, corymb, fascicle, spadix, spike, thyrse, umbel.


A tuft of hairs on a fruit; in Asteraceae, a tuft (or ring) of hairs or scales borne above the inferior ovary and outside the corolla and possibly representing the calyx.


Shaped like the patella; pan-shaped.




That part of the axis of an inflorescence below the insertion of any flowers or inflorescence branches and above the uppermost node with a foliage leaf or leaves, loosely, the “stalk” of the inflorescence, and in that sense to be compared with the pedicel, the “stalk” of the flower, see also scape, cf. inflorescence axis, rachilla, sculpture elements.


The stalk of a leaf, i.e. that part below the blade or, if the leaf is compond, below the point of insertion of the leaflets and/or beginning of the rachis, cf. hyperphyll, lamina, leaf base, stipule, Vorläuferspitze.


Inflorescence bract of an involucre, as in Asteraceae.


Covered with hairs especially fine soft ones.


Capable of flowering and fruiting an indefinite number of times.


Often used when describing monocot leaves which appear to have a petiole.


Covered with short, soft, erect hairs, cf. arachnoid, arbuscular, canescent, hirsute, hispid, lepidote, puberulous, sericeous, stellate, strigose, tomentose, T-shaped, villous.

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