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Dry and membranous in texture, cf. chaffy, chartaceous, coriaceous, papyraceous.


Of indumentum, silky in appearance, covered with silky hairs, cf. arachnoid, arbuscular, canescent, hirsute, hispid, lepidote, puberulous, pubescent, tomentose, T-shaped, villous, see also glabrescent and glabrate, which refer to stages in the loss of these hairs.


Of margins, toothed, with asymmetrical forwardly-pointing teeth, cf. biserrate, crenate, dentate, entire, undulate.


Without a stalk, e.g. a flower without a pedicel, as in a spike, or when applied to a stigma, indicates that the style is absent, the stigma sitting directly on the ovary.


Especially of the lower part of a monocot leaf, closely and completely surrounding the stem, see closed, open.


Of habit, a woody plant less than five meters high, either without a distinct main axis, or with branches persisting on the main axis almost to its base, cf. acaulescent, arborescent, dendroid, frutescent, fruticose, herb, liane, rheophyte, schopfbaum, subshrub, suffrutescent, tree, vine.

Spathulate (spatulate)

Spoon-shaped; broad at the tip and narrowed towards the base.


A stiff, vascularised, sharp-pointed structure, formed from a leaf or part of a leaf such as a stipule, leaf tooth, etc., cf. prickle, thorn.


Not able to produce offspring.


A small stalk; in the gynoecium, a narrowed basal portion of the ovary proper, whether or not with loculi evident, adj. stipitate, cf. androgynophore, androphore, anthophore, gynophore.


Of habit, a low shrub, sometimes with partly herbaceous stems, cf. acaulescent, arborescent, dendroid, frutescent, fruticose, herb, liane, rheophyte, schopfbaum, shrub, suffrutescent, tree, vine.


Tapering to a point; awl-shaped: a subulate leaf.


Of growth, without a single, persistent growing point, the apical meristems aborting or being converted into flowers and growth being continued by axillary buds that successively replacing the terminal buds, of a stem, growing in the above manner.


The complete flowering region of a shoot, see coflorescence, enrichment zone, florescence, paraclade - a set of terms for describing the architectural units making up the flowering part of a shoot, cf. inflorescence.

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