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The Cuatrecasas' monograph on Espeletiinae is finally out!
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The main descending root of a plant that has a single, dominant root axis derived from the radicle of the seedling, often notably wider than the lateral roots, cf. fibrous root, hair root, magnolioid root, nodule and tuberous root.


Yellow-ish brown color; tan.


Cylindrical or nearly so, circular in cross-section, sometimes used as an equivalent of unifacial.


Of an inflorescence, branched, the main axis indeterminate and the lateral branches determinate, i.e. with a terminal flower or as a cyme, cf. panicle in particular, cf. also botryoid, corymb, fascicle, raceme, spadix, spike, umbel.


Of indumentum, a covering of dense, matted, woolly hairs, adj. tomentose; tomentellous, minutely tomentose, cf. arachnoid, arbuscular, canescent, hirsute, hispid, lepidote, puberulous, pubescent, sericeous, stellate, villous, see also glabrescent and glabrate, which refer to stages in the loss of these hairs.


Any epidermal outgrowth, e.g. a hair (branched or unbranched).


E.g. of a polysymmetric corolla, usually rather narrow and cylindrical, the sides parallel, cf. campanulate, rotate, infundibular, salverform, urceolate.

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